Crossing The Stream

Well, I've done something I didn't think I'd ever do: I signed up for Apple Music.

Streaming services kind of bug the jeeblies out of me. The fact that the artists who make the music are getting boned, while somebody, somewhere is presumably making money is the sticking point. So I've resisted mightily. Railed online against Spotify, told everyone who would listen that Pandora is nothing but a box full of troubles and woe.

But I just got tired of my music collection. Riding in the car into the city, Lisa always Bluetooths her phone into the car system, and I love The Who, but if I hear "Goin' Mobile" one more time I'm going to jump out the sunroof and stick the landing in the very center of the diamond lane and kiss a BMW 3 Series hello and my life goodbye. So, I caved.

And damn it... it's great. Turn on a radio station, hear tunes you haven't heard in years and new music you've never heard before, and if you love it, push a button and download it? I mean, c'mon. Yesterday I had a ton of admin work to do (and again today... tax prep, software updates and installs, getting a small direct mail campaign together, building a flyer for a new market I'm invading), so I set the virtual radio on a station of my own devising (West Coast Blues, featuring Robben Ford), and just let it roll. (I know I'm late to the party on this: see above.)

And that "whistle while you work" thing is for realz, yo. I was way more productive than any recent day, just buzzing through the kinds of task that usually make me drag my feet. When I got tired of guitar solos, I switched over to Hits of The 60s and 70s, and it was so nice. I haven't heard Aretha's version of "Til You Come Back To Me" in a decade, and it felt so good.

Still... am I evil? Are the people who made that music seeing a dime on this? Am I stealing their work, simply not caring that they're getting robbed? I can't defend my actions, not with either the standard "hey, those musicians are already rich" canard or the "dude, music is so beautiful, it can't be owned, it belongs to everyone" weed-infused cop out. So, yeah, it still bugs me.

If any of you have a solution to this dilemma, help me out in the comments. Right now, Earth, Wind and Fire are playing "September," and I gotta get up and dance.